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The Kings Flyball Club was formed  in 1989 by Margaret Warren of Camrose Kennels.  Our club was named after Mrs. Dorothy King, a renowned breeder of Border Collies in British Columbia.  The original club members all had King Border Collies.  Their intelligence, speed and agility made them easy to train for this fast, exciting sport. 

Since the  day the Kings exploded into the sport at our first tournament we have been dedicated to the sport of flyball.

The Kings dogs earned their flyball dog titles at their very first tournament. It was an accomplishment never before achieved at the time.  Since that day we have had many dogs earn various titles such as FD, FDX, FDXCH, FDGCH, ONYX, and GRAND CHAMPION.

The Kings have won two regional titles, which took them to California to compete at the Purina Dog Challenge.  They  won the gold in 1999, earning them a spot in the North American Finals.   The team went on to win a  fourth place finish at the Purina Farms in Missouri that year.

The Kings are dedicated to furthering the sport of flyball and good sportsmanship, and have been innovative in bringing new methods of training and equipment to the sport.

We are always looking for new recruits and their dogs.  We train all sizes and breeds of dogs and would love to teach you and your companion the sport of flyball!


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